Rather Alarming

Agghhhh! Do you ever have days when you feel… well… dumb? I had just such a moment this morning.

I went for a run (I know, kudos to me) and came back to discover that the police had been at mi casa. Michael was sitting on the couch waiting for me, much worried about my safety. You see, I apparently neglected to close our front door all the way when I set out for my jog, setting off our alarm system and summoning our friendly neighborhood police. Since I did not have my cell phone with me on the run, no one could get in touch with me to figure out what the heck was going on.

Incidentally, I also set off the alarm Monday morning when leaving for a run. That time, at least, I noticed (although not in time to stop the alarm from sounding) and was able to call our alarm company and stop the process.

This would probably not have been a huge deal, but our neighborhood has some rather urban tendencies. In the last year, someone has stolen: the propane tank off of our grill, my favorite flower and flowerpot (who does that?!?!), and knocked over our mailbox. We are also pretty certain we’ve seen drug deals go down during evening strolls, and the police park their car semi-permanently at the corner market a few blocks down the street.

Oh well. At least they didn’t have to go very far when checking up on our house.

The Weekend Review

1. Starbucks with Lori in Calhoun, GA gave me a happy heart. We met halfway between Chattanooga and Atlanta for a much-needed, long-awaited morning of running our mouths. I am so thankful for Lori. We met when we lived in the same city in China for a year, bonded when we traveled in South Korea and Japan together on our way home, and cemented the friendship when we both moved to Atlanta following our time in Asia. She is one of my very favorite people, and I had so much fun catching up with the newly engaged girl! She has been in Guatemala studying Spanish for most of 2009, and is just back, freshly engaged to Andrew (they’ll get married in April 2010, wahoo!), and busy helping out the kids at Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, where she is a child life specialist. She loves the Lord so much, is so honest in her pursuit of him, and did I mention that she has three sisters? Needless to say, we always have something to talk about. I love this girl!fuji

This is us on Mt. Fuji in Japan.

2. Work.

3. Pomosa Party! Fast becoming a Chattanooga tradition, Michael, my friend Julianna and her roommate Sarah hit up the Pomosa (pomosa=mimosa – champagne + Miller High Life) on the roof of an apartment a few blocks away. Good times were had by all. 🙂

4. Gregory Family Reunion at Nocalula Falls outside of Gadsden, AL. Mawmaw made some of her famous fried chicken, so it was a good day.

5. Naptime.

6. Dinner of tomatoe pie while watching the soon-to-be-canceled NBC series, Merlin. So bad it was (almost) enjoyable. We laughed a lot, anyway. Highlights included teenage Merlin in angst over whether or not to reveal his magical powers to an angry Arthur who hates sorcerers.

Things I am Thankful For

1. I’m out of college–and most exciting, out of Rush! My baby sister is going through Rush this week, and today is Pref Day in Auburn. Ugghhh… have fun with that.

2. Friday! No explanation needed.

3. We are approximately one month away from fall football. 🙂

4. We are also one month out from our one year anniversary. Plans are to go camping in Asheville, NC. See the picture below and be jealous.


We’re Here!

I’ve been thinking of starting a personal blog for awhile now–I blog nearly every day at work anyway–and decided this morning to take the plunge.

To start, I thought I’d give you an idea of what is going on in our lives:

We’re planning to move back to China! We have known we wanted to do this for a long time–before we were engaged or married, before we were even dating, really. We’ve still got quite a process and a lot of time in front of us, but we are hoping to be there in about one year.

In the meantime… I am working at World Next Door, a fair trade store in downtown Chattanooga. Michael recently resigned from his job in surgical sales (long story) and has found an awesome new job running the corn maze at Rock City this fall season. (He loves it: tractors, painting, hanging around outside, and of course lots of work.)

For now, we keep busy growing tomatoes in our fabulous backyard garden, making and eating pizza, training for the Ironman  this fall in Arizona (Michael, not me!), planning how to sneak away from our weekend-requiring work and attend football games this fall, plugging into our church, and figuring out this whole married-life thing.