We’re Here!

I’ve been thinking of starting a personal blog for awhile now–I blog nearly every day at work anyway–and decided this morning to take the plunge.

To start, I thought I’d give you an idea of what is going on in our lives:

We’re planning to move back to China! We have known we wanted to do this for a long time–before we were engaged or married, before we were even dating, really. We’ve still got quite a process and a lot of time in front of us, but we are hoping to be there in about one year.

In the meantime… I am working at World Next Door, a fair trade store in downtown Chattanooga. Michael recently resigned from his job in surgical sales (long story) and has found an awesome new job running the corn maze at Rock City this fall season. (He loves it: tractors, painting, hanging around outside, and of course lots of work.)

For now, we keep busy growing tomatoes in our fabulous backyard garden, making and eating pizza, training for the Ironman  this fall in Arizona (Michael, not me!), planning how to sneak away from our weekend-requiring work and attend football games this fall, plugging into our church, and figuring out this whole married-life thing.


One Comment on “We’re Here!”

  1. Christie Li says:

    yay, God is good! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys back!

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