So long, farewell

Not quite yet. But soon.

Michael and I are in the midst of packing up all our winter clothes and shipping them off to Asia, where we’ll pick them up once I arrive in August-ish. I thought I would be terribly upset about the whole prospect; I had even started composing a mental good-bye letter to my beloved KitchenAid, which is flying with the clothes. (Thanks for the good times, the memories, the pizza crust. See you in three months, I’ll miss you daily until then.)

But honestly, right now my overwhelming emotion is embarrassment. See, I have a lot of crap. Who knew? I always thought that I just wear the same couple of outfits over and over, that I’m frugal and thrifty and low-key…. but apparently, no, I really like my clothes. (See above for photographic evidence.)

I know there’s nothing wrong with having what you need and liking pretty things, but it’s a bit of a rude awakening when I realize I’m taking all this junk to a country where my friends wear the same 3-4 outfits over and over and over, repeat. Even more overwhelming than the clothes is the thought of packing up all the things–dishes, lamps, pictures, stuff that has no purpose other than looking pretty–that fill my house.

I am so privileged, and I am so spoiled. I think it is high time I called an end to all pity parties (which make me feel so much better about my already pretty-awesome life) around these parts.

4 Comments on “So long, farewell”

  1. Meagan Long says:

    aw beth- i can’t believe you’ll have a kitchenaid here!! (not to mention freshly brewed beer). I am so excited about getting my own in a couple months. definitely sad our time is NOT overlapping but chatting for ya’ll as you’re saying goodbye, preparing to come.

  2. thegregs says:

    Meagan, I also hate that we won’t overlap. And I think we are a little bit crazy for bringing the KitchenAid (which, btw, you will LOVE) and the beer brewing kit, but crazy or not, it will be awesome to have them!
    Did you know that our anniversary is Sept. 6? So we will almost share that date. 🙂 Chatting and excited for y’all, too, as you get ready to come back and start life as a Casselberry! (sp?)

  3. Melissa says:

    I too felt exactly the same way as you when I just moved everything out. And it’s the little stuff that kills you! Where to put that frying pan? What kind of box will fit the ironwork wall art you never hung up? Why are clothes so heavy when they all hang out together?
    I feel the need to purge! 😉

  4. ally says:

    So do you have a good recipe for pizza crust? We’re wanting to start making our own pizza instead of spending so much $ at Mellow Mushroom 🙂

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