I fully expect to experience the wrath of Mary Emily for posting all of these photos on the blog (don’t worry Mems, no one reads this).

So, last Friday sister #3 graduated from Auburn and it was a family affair. Below, see an embarrassing amount of photos. In my defense, I was just trying to figure out how to work Michael’s camera.

Proud possessor of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, in front of Cater Hall in the Upper Quad.

Me and Mary Emily.

I promise Daddy is excited about the graduation–just ignore the grimace on his face.

Love this. Not sure if it is because Mary Emily is doing what I say when I boss her around in this pic, or because her shoes are so cute.

Los parentals.

Gabbing about heaven only knows what, pre-presentation of the diploma.


Pure bliss.

Traditional graduation day sisters photo in front of the Auburn sign on Samford Lawn.

We made Helen take this photo of all the Auburn grads in the family. She’s just a baby freshman, her day will come.


One Comment on “Graduated”

  1. Jeff Kyle says:

    Ignore your sister Beth. Tons and tons of people read this blog. I think it’s close to 250 the last time I checked on the web-blog listings. So, watch out. 🙂

    I agree though…cute shoes.

    The invention of RSS readers like NetNewsWire make it so easy to follow blogs. I get an alert every time Beth writes something.

    Great pics. Congrats on graduating.

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