Practically Perfect in Every Way

“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

–Emily Dickinson

We’re in Colorado this summer (studying language, preparing to go overseas…if you want to know more just e-mail) and I feel as though my cup runneth over. The stark majesty of these mountains is overwhelming and I can hardly believe that we are here, seeing from this height, breathing this crisp air, walking about in the midst of heaven on earth. Most of the summer is busy, but the weekends are ours, and we are taking full advantage of every moment.

These pictures were taken this weekend outside of Breckenridge. The family of some friends of ours here in Colorado own a home in the mountains and they were gracious enough to let us stay there for the weekend. Days were filled with hiking (and bike rides, for Michael); at night, we gorged ourselves and then played games. It was just about as close to perfect as is possible on this earth.

About halfway through a 7-mile round-trip hike to Mohawk Lakes. The hike would have been only 5 (possibly less?) but our poor Volvo couldn’t quite handle the road up to the trail head.

The Rockies!

The day was perfect. Our friend John, who estimates that he has done this hike nearly every year of his life, couldn’t get over the glorious weather. Afternoon thunderstorms are apparently ubiquitous in the mountains, but we escaped all weekend with nary a raindrop.

We hiked up the mountain just to the left of this waterfall. When the Gold Rush came to Colorado in the late 1800s miners quickly found that this particular mountain had rich gold veins. They somehow hauled a pulley system up and we actually used the cable, still there today, to help pull ourselves up this stretch.

Our friends Ed and Janelle (newly married this winter!), surveying the view.

Lower Mohawk Lakes. This was the first of the lakes and something of a tease, as it just meant that we were nearing our ultimate destination. Also known as the spot when we would finally get to eat our lunch.

We had to walk through this snow field to get to the Upper Lakes. Our path was just in the upper left hand corner of this photo. Kind of terrifying for those with a fear of heights (like me) as looking downhill it seemed like a slight trip would lead to tumbling off the edge.

Michael took this picture while waiting for me to pick my way through the snow. The snow was already well-packed in this area from other hikers, but was kind of icy. Not bad while coming up but going back down the slickness led to a few incidences of feet coming out from under us.

Upper Mohawk Lake, elevation 12,110 feet.

That’s John in the yellow. Some of us napped and read in the sun while John and Ed tried out their fishing skills.


This was our whole hiking group: Ed and Janelle, John and Rachel, and Michael and me. John’s family owns the chalet where we stayed. Thanks, Crosses!


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