Home Sweet Apartment

We’re not homeless anymore! That’s right, a lease has been signed, and come August (or whenever we get there) we will be moving into a lovely 4th floor walk-up in CQ. There’s some concern as apparently this place had some severe mold issues last year (eek) but the landlord has graciously agreed to clean and paint the problem room and hopefully everything will be fine (please, please, please be fine!). Any ideas for staying on top of that from the get-go to fight off recurrence of these mold problems?

We’ve signed only a 6-month lease so if things don’t seem sustainable we will be able to get out of our apartment but we are very much hoping that is not necessary. (I’m not finished with the moving yet but I’ve no desire to add yet another to a year already chock-full of them.) Assuming the mold is not a problem, I have high expectations as this apartment was originally rented by our friends Jim and Kelly Ford (I swiped the photo below from Kelly’s Facebook page) and they made it a very warm and inviting place. I hope to do the same thing and can’t wait to get settled!

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