Three Weeks In

Midday today marked three weeks since our bleary-eyed arrival to CQ: 21 days of settling in, trying to remember how to twist our tongue around words both strange and yet somehow familiar, regaining chopstick proficiency, and (best of all) reunions.

A brief summary: week one found me (sometimes us) rolling out of bed (bright-eyed and wide awake) at 5.30 every morning and beginning the madness. We arrived to discover that our apartment was actually doubly furnished: we had one too many of most things (refrigerator, washer, air conditioning units, table and chairs…) and all of this was crammed into our dust-encrusted living room. We needed cell phones, converters, paint (for the mold problem in our bedroom that had not been fixed when we arrived), and food. Side note: it is astounding how quickly things get dirty and how much of that mess (smog + dirt + general big city life) had found its way into our apartment over the course of the summer.

Then, we got sick: first me, then Michael. I suppose it was to be expected, what with jet lag and utter exhaustion and allergies–no matter, being forced to stay in bed while recovering (too bad that it was our anniversary) is the best way to remedy weariness. Finally, Monday, we started class. It has been intense–this university is no joke. We initially has ambitious plans to take the harder class; however, halfway through the day today, we realized that “difficult” would  be an understatement and swapped down to the easier class. Easy, meaning I still came home and spent two (??) hours studying and writing new characters. Unfortunately, characters were an aspect of the language that both of us neglected our last time around–an option that this school will not allow. I’m thankful, though; now that we are here for the long haul, we realize what a mistake we made in initially ignoring reading and writing. Oops!

We are settled now, finally, and it seems that ordinary life is beginning. I’ll let you know–when I figure it out myself–what normal looks like now.

One Comment on “Three Weeks In”

  1. Ally says:

    Yeah for a new post! I hope this means you’re both well now. I’m sorry that ya’ll were sick…but hope things are calming down now and you’re feeling more rested. I’ll email soon 🙂 We miss ya’ll.

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