These City Walls

Today we drove around our city for a few hours to visit five of the 15 or so city gates.  Our city has a deep and long history, and much can be learned about it by visiting these gates.  Inscribed on some of the large tablets marking the ancient gates were paragraphs welcoming Eastern gods.  One of the gates was next to a hospital that performs more abortions in this city of 33 million people than any other.  Another of the gates was in an area of town flooded with traditional eastern medicine, most of which does much more harm than good.  One of the saddest gates marked an area where 3,000 people suffocated after their bomb shelter collapsed during WWII (our city unfortunately holds the title of the most bombed city in the world).

There is a stronghold of death, persecution, and enslavement in this city.  It is our desire that one day these city walls will welcome a joy and hope that cannot be matched on this earth.



2 Comments on “These City Walls”

  1. holleygregory says:

    These pictures are awesome and glad we got to talk to Michael for a little bit last night!

  2. Joel says:

    Michael, I share your desire that one day those city gates will welcome a joy and hope that cannot be matched on this earth. That solid joy has lifted up the gates, and will one day restore the goodness of your city in the deepest, fullest sense. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photographs.

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