Random thoughts (mainly about food)

-We were at the grocery store last night, looking to pick up some body wash. We thought we had picked a winner (it’s quite a process when the labeling is in characters) when we realized this body wash actually promised to lighten our skin. Sadly, I have already been told repeatedly in the last couple of days that I am “so pale” (which is actually a compliment, like being told you’re really tan in the States). Getting even lighter is not really something I’m after, thanks.

-I’m all for the “buy fresh, buy local” thing. However, I’m still a little squeamish when “fresh” means picking out your fish from the aquarium, and then throwing it, repeatedly, on the ground to kill it. I also feel slightly frustrated when I get misted by the frenzied floppings of my fellow shoppers’ dinner.

-Butter and cheese continue to rise in my estimation of precious and wonderful things in life. We can get them here… it’s just that the closest store that stocks them is about an hour and 15 minutes away. I am so thankful for my freezer.

-It makes me a little sad to realize that when Asians think of Western food, they think only of McDonald’s and KFC. Most of my friends are disgusted by American food–and I can’t really blame them when french fries and greasy hamburgers are the only representation they’ve ever seen.

-I like that I can, and do, walk just about everywhere: class, the store, restaurants, to meet friends. And when I’m not walking, it’s public transportation. One of the great joys of living in Asia is that other people do the driving while I get quality time with my iPod and books.

-I just thought everyone should know that Michael has successfully constructed an outdoors fire pit for our porch. It is awesome. Pictures to come soon.


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