rad-Ven-ture  -n.  A combination of ‘random’, ‘rad’, and ‘adventure’.  Often used to describe an outing in East Asia.  The awesomeness that ensues from a radventure is duplicated nowhere else in the world.

Last week during a national holiday, Blaine Robinson, four other friends and myself embarked on a radventure, starting with a THIRTEEN HOUR TRAIN RIDE.  Thirteen hours sitting upright in a smoky, full-capacity, baby urine-filled, you can kiss sleeping good-bye, train.  Radventure!

Once we arrived at our destination, it was non-stop radventure.  We saw the 8th wonder of the world, wandered around a Muslim night market, biked around the city walls, and hiked from 8:30 p.m. until 4:40 a.m. to summit one of the five most famous mountains in our country.

Yeah, I’d say it was a pretty good national holiday.  Even the train rides could cast no shadow over some much needed community and fellowship.  Well, maybe it was a small shadow that smelled a little of a small child’s feces (I’m not lying), but still.

2 Comments on “rad-Ven-ture”

  1. Butch Rogers says:

    Hey guys….great pictures. Hope you are both doing well. Always good to see your facebook comments and seeing the great pics. I am very jealous of the train ride…I am putting that on my bucket list. You really made it sound attractive.
    Much love from the Rogers family

  2. Butch Rogers says:

    I almost forgot…WAR EAGLE!!

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