These Days

We’ve been settled in our Asian home for two+ months now and Halloween (followed shortly thereafter by Michael’s birthday, heads up people) is just around the bend. Last year Michael was busy with the corn maze and couldn’t participate in our celebrations so my friend Mary Elizabeth and I went as Snuggies–what the costume lacked in originality it made up for in warmth, a key factor as our Halloween plans were for an outdoor rooftop party. (File that under “things to miss about Chattanooga.”) This year’s theme is hands down better than the Snuggie, although I can’t reveal it or I will risk the wrath of… well, those who are in the know. Pictures to be posted post-Halloween, don’t worry.

I’ve not taken the time yet to introduce you all to our family for the year and, since I’ve not been great about getting out the camera, I’ll have to rely on some stolen Facebook shots from our friend Sarah. We see these people just about every day in class and outside of it, but once a week we get together and eat dinner. This is usually just a great excuse for us to make some Western food and show off our cooking skills (you should all try our friend Owens’ cornbread) but sometimes dinner just isn’t enough.

Take last week, when everyone decided to spice up our weekly dinner by coming dressed as either a pirate or a ninja. Please don’t be confused, this was not our Halloween celebration, this was just us dressing up like ninjas and pirates. Obviously. Without further ado, here is our family….

Talia and Valerie, aka the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are both originally from West Virginia, although Talia’s family now lives in Houston and Valerie spent the last several years loving life in Asheville, NC. (Who wouldn’t love life if you lived there?)

Fearless leader Audrey, from Tuscaloosa, Ala., via Huntsville. I think the balloon parrot is really the finishing touch.

Sarah is the mastermind behind most of our outrageous ideas and–who knew?–she can even make balloon animals. Obviously, the girl is talented.

Owens (from Birmingham and then the U of A) and Ross (south Florida) battling it out in the epic battle of pirates vs. ninjas, or pirates vs. Muslim shepherds. Whichever you prefer.

QingQing is pretty much our mascot. We love her!

Umm, oh yeah, we participated as well. Michael was a West Virginia ninja… I recommend looking it up.

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