Thanksgiving is over and done on this side of the globe and we’ve moved onto Black Friday. There will be no shopping here, but there might be a bit of frantic rushing as we will shortly head out the door to a nearby city, where we’ll eat some more awesome Western food and play/watch an intense game of flag football, the Turkey Bowl to end all Turkey Bowls.

This year Thanksgiving was more than good. We spent the morning cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We had a dinner list of 17 people (8 Americans, 9 Asians), and I think more than half of us ate until we were nearly sick. (Oh, the spread!! Turkey from a hotel in our city; dressing made by Michael–delicious, I might add; macaroni and cheese; green been casserole; sweet potato casserole; corn casserole; rolls; fruit and green salads; pumpkin dip and asparagus dip; green beans; broccoli; apple cider; and pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies. Yum.) After slowly emerging from our food coma–most of our Asian friends had never eaten turkey before and they definitely felt the tryptophan lulling us all to sleep–we walked over to our campus and played a game of kickball. We ended the evening with our now traditional Thanksgiving night viewing of Elf. Welcome, Christmas season!

Families, we missed y’all and thought of you throughout the day. So thankful for Skype!



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