-Christmas can come now! After weeks of anxious waiting (the postal service here is erratic, to say the least), last night we got our Christmas package from the Farnsworth family. The Gregory boxes (yes there were TWO! and they sent us CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS! and a candle that smells like EVERGREENS!) came through last week but I was beginning to think that an enterprising customs agent might be holding my family’s box hostage. But it’s here, with pecans and marshmallows and all sorts of surprises that we’ll find out about on Saturday.

-A few weeks ago some of my American friends and I attended an English Corner hosted by one of my friends. In case you don’t know what that is, it is basically an event where lots of college students flock together and practice speaking to one another in, you guessed it, English. As Americans, we are a big attraction at these events. I mean, I basically feel like a superstar at these things. Anyway, my sweet friend, a freshman, worked so hard and did a great job organizing English games and getting everyone to mingle with one another. My favorite moment, though? When she told us that we needed to “line up and see who is the fattest.” Oh dear. Thankfully we eventually figured out that she actually wanted to see who was the “fastest,” which is not nearly as scary for a bunch of American girls who are already at least twice the size of all our slender Asian friends.

-On the up side, I’m not sick anymore! Hurray! On the very down side, I passed that cold off to Michael, who’s now fighting the same cold, fever, headache, and sore throat that I had. Yuck and more yuck.

-Monday night, we made a life-altering discovery. A mere 45 minute bus ride away, there is a grocery store that sells butter and cream cheese and regular cheese and some types of cereal and barbecue sauce and mustard and asparagus and oh my goodness this was good news. I’m sure this grocery store discovery sounds like the most boring thing in the world to those of you in America but to us it was heaven. Asian food is awesome but it certainly wasn’t what we grew up eating and sometimes you just need to have a taste (pun intended) of home. Plus, if we hadn’t found this store I wouldn’t have been able to make Cream Cheese Bread which is a Christmas morning staple for the Gregory family. So, I’m thankful.

-And, finally, a few pictures of our Christmas decorations. Please excuse me as I experiment with our camera. Michael is teaching me, but I’m  a slow learner.

Rooms lit solely by Christmas tree lights are one of the world’s best things.

Our “mantel.” We didn’t bring stockings with us from America, so I went to our local fabric market and convinced a kind elderly woman who owns a small knitting booth to make these for us (for less than $10). She was so confused when I explained that I wanted these stockings to be big and that I wanted to be hang them, not wear them. But she did a great job (I think) and now we have Christmas stockings! Side note: the black-and-white photos are pictures of our grandparents. I love being able to see these tangible reminders of our loved ones and our roots.

Evidence that our families love and miss us. We miss you, too!

3 Comments on “Tidbits”

  1. Patrick says:

    Merry Christmas to both of you and all our brothers and sisters there! Thank you so much for the card. I think of you guys and pray for you often.

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds like ya’ll are all set for Christmas! Hope it is a wonderful week! And Beth I agree, there isn’t much better than a room lit completely by Christmas tree lights. 🙂 Merry Christmas friends!

  3. thegregs says:

    Amanda and Patrick–Merry Christmas to y’all, too! I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas with your families. We are grateful for y’all!

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