This morning…

We woke up at 6.15 (thanks, Michael! although of course I loved it, Christmas morning was made for early rising). We drank some Santa’s White Christmas coffee and Michael and I exchanged presents. He got an Atlanta Braves Jason Heyward jersey, and I got a bread machine!!!

Then we called the Gregory’s in America and opened presents together. We all wore matching pajamas. It was awesome.

I have to insert a note here about Skype–last time I lived here I didn’t really do the video chat thing but I have loved it this year, especially during the holidays. We may be far away but this makes us feel almost like we are home.

At 10 we went over to some friends’ apartment for a Christmas breakfast feast (cream cheese bread, cheese grits, keish, cinnamon rolls, and fruit salad) and to exchange Secret Santa presents.

After Christmas-ing it up all morning, we came home and took a massive nap. Before Michael and I headed out for an afternoon run, we opened up the bread machine and spent some time figuring it out. Considering that all the instructions and labels were in Mandarin, I’m calling the fact that we’ve already managed to successfully use the basic setting a huge success.

Folks came back over Christmas night to watch A Christmas Story and eat tomato basil and pumpkin soups, and then we wrapped up the day by Skyping into the Farnsworth family Christmas in Birmingham.

Although we very much missed being home with everyone, we had a great Christmas and are so grateful for our family back at home and our friends over here. Merry Christmas everyone!


One Comment on “Christmas”

  1. Amanda says:

    So glad ya’ll had a wonderful Christmas! We were thinking about you! Mitch tried to call Michael, but then we realized that we didn’t have your number with us in Dothan. 😦 Hope to chat with ya’ll soon!

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