2010 in Pictures

So much has happened this year, not least among which is the fact that we moved continents. Here are some photos of our year in review.

In March, we hosted Easter in Chattanooga for both sets of families,  Gregorys and Farnsworths. It was so great to be able spend the holiday at our own home with both of our parents and siblings.

Then in May, Mary Emily, Farnsworth sister #3, graduated from Auburn!

We went to the lake, a lot, with this clan.

We moved out of this place, our first home together as a married couple.

But then we got to go to Colorado for the summer.

We came back in time to marry off Mark (Michael’s little brother) and welcome Holley to the family.

And then we moved to the other side of the world and ate meals like this.

We went on some adventures.

Michael grew his beard out.

And, of course, we bonded with our awesome Asian family.

There’s so much more that could be added, but hopefully these pictures give you an idea (and will help us to remember) some of the main highlights of 2010.


One Comment on “2010 in Pictures”

  1. Daniel says:

    No pictures of Casa Bonita???

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