Well, Hello There

Happy  Year of the Rabbit to all! I’m a month behind on the blog but am returning to let everyone know that we’re alive and well. It’s Spring Festival time here in Asia: that means lots of fireworks every night (although I really haven’t heard any tonight), a whole bunch of colorful twinkling lights, and rabbit cartoons everywhere. I wish I had some photos, but… well, my desire to get some pictures is not as strong as my desire to be warm and cozy and inside at night! Maybe I’ll get around to that before Spring Festival ends on Thursday…

We’ve just gotten back from being out-of-town and it has been wonderful to be home. I love our apartment, I love having time (sort of) to cook dinner, I love hanging out with our friends here, I love laying on the couch at night and watching movies. So, yes, it has been great to be home! Still… please indulge me in a moment to complain about two not-so-great things that have irked me recently.

Our downstairs-neighbor. They’re nice, mostly, every time we meet them on the stairwell. But–but!–every night at 10.30, if we have the audacity to stay up past then, they come upstairs and demand we turn our heat off. Apparently it is too loud. By the way, although it’s not central heat but a kind of box-like thing (looks a tiny bit like a skinny fridge) in the corner of our living room, we can hardly hear it blowing as we sit next to it ourselves. But, apparently, trying to stay out of bed and warm past 10.30 is just not OK with our downstairs neighbors. Bleh!

Gripe #2 would be that someone, we’re not sure who, turned off our electricity while we were out of town (this can be done in the hallway just outside our apartment door). Everything in our fridge and freezer went bad. This is particularly unfortunate as we live about an hour cab ride away from Metro, the best place for us to get bulk quantities of cheese, butter, whipping cream, and etc. We had just made a stock-up trip before going out of town and had frozen ingredients intended to last us at least until summer (we try to go only once a semester or so). So, yuck: expensive and inconvenient.

Sorry for the whine-fest. I feel much better now. It is good to be home and we don’t, not really, not at all, have anything to complain about. I’m thankful for our warm and cozy apartment, for awesome (and very cheap) Asian food at our favorite restaurant just down the street, for 4th of July quality fireworks that last two weeks long, for dear friends on two sides of the globe. Life is good!


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