Lantern Festival

Tonight is Lantern Festival, the last night of Asia’s 15-day Spring Festival, the annual celebration of the new year.

That means just one thing: fireworks. Every year, the last night of Spring Festival is the last chance to get all the fireworks (and Asians looovvve their fireworks: after all, they invented them) and sparklers and noise-making out of their system. It. Is. Insane.

Actually, Spring Festival is more than just fireworks: it’s also colorful lights. I love how bright these streets are in the middle of long, cold winter nights.

Michael with, you know, a few bottle rockets in the back pocket. (Not my favorite idea. This little incident in 2007, during my second year and Michael’s first year in CQ, made me kind of hate doing fireworks forever.) This year, we walked down to the riverside from our apartment to be in the midst of all the action, and I promise that a couple of tame bottle rockets were no big deal. Granddads were firing off huge flower-blossom fireworks with onlookers peering and crowding over their shoulder to see what was happening.

Lots of people brought their families. Tons of babies hanging out around that craziness.

This pretty much sums up my feelings toward fireworks. I like them when other people set them off (I can see them from my balcony right now and they are gorgeous!) but please, for heaven’s sake, keep the lighting action far away from me.

Michael and Owens preparing to fire. It went pretty well until Michael’s backfired and nearly caught a girl’s hair on fire. Seriously.

Sarah was brave enough to try the bottle rockets herself.

I prefer tamer things, like sparklers. And, even with those, I was a big sissy and had to wait until Sarah bought some and told me that this was happening to get in the spirit.

OK, maybe this isn’t exactly the safest holiday…. but it was fun.


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