Of Blenders and Such

Posting has been scarce of late because, well, there hasn’t been a lot to share. We’re still in the beginning of a brand new semester and life has been busy: class, friends, so on and etc.

Two new things we’re  loving this spring are our new blender and bread machine. The bread machine was my Christmas present from Michael and it has been put to great use. I’ve loved making cinnamon rolls almost weekly and using the dough setting makes a world of difference when making pizza crust or other yeast breads. I’m really thankful for this because, although I hauled over our KitchenAid mixer as my guilty pleasure when we moved, we’ve never been able to make it work here. Heartbreak.

The blender–well, that was all Michael. At least to start. Our friends, the Musgroves, live in  a nearby part of the city. They arrived in country in December, brand new baby boy and fancy Vitamix blender in tow. After we spent the night with them on New Year’s Eve and were treated to delicious, and healthy, fruit/veggie shakes for breakfast the next morning, Michael decided we had to have one. And guess what? Although I think a new one costs about $350 in the States, we were able to find a knockoff brand here for about $100!

Although I was hesitant to make the investment, Michael persuaded me with the promise that he would serve up breakfast shakes every day.  I’m so glad he won me over! I’ve shared a little about how much we (especially me) have consistently battled sickness this year. I’m not declaring victory just yet, but I’m convinced that the steady diet of fresh fruits and veggies we now eat each day is giving our immune systems a large, and much needed, boost. (Yes, we do eat other fruits and veggies here, but they are usually well cooked and thus have lost lots of their nutritional value.) After battling sickness so regularly this fall, anything that helps keep us healthy wins a huge vote of approval from me!

One Comment on “Of Blenders and Such”

  1. ally says:

    You need to post the recipes for your favorite shakes b/c I need a yummy way to pack in some healthy foods 🙂

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