She’s A Star

You know what’s huge in Asia?

Karaoke. Or, as they call it here, for some reason which I don’t know, KTV.

Last week the moms of two of our friends here came to visit and we treated them to a girls night out at the local KTV bar. I think it was a bit surreal for them. KTV here consists of renting a private room equipped with couches and your own sound system and mike. Below are a few pictures of us (and by us I mean Valerie, Audrey, Sarah, and Talia–because I sure stayed away from the camera and I can’t post pictures of our Asian friends here) in the limelight.

Valerie and Audrey, belting it out to Britney’s “Lucky.”

You know who else is big in Asia? Avril is an enormous rock star. We probably did 5-6 Avril songs (although I think we might have started skipping them eventually) that night. I’m not sure which Avril song this was but as you can tell, Sarah is rocking it.

Talia, doing some headbanging. Or leg kicks? Whatever (similar to the rest of the night), I’m not sure what’s happening here.

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