Things that are not OK

Valerie, eating a spoonful (or chopstick-ful?) of wasabi. All by itself.

This baby, spotted in a magazine ad for baby costumes. Why? Why? Why? Seriously… who thought it was OK to let their baby pose for this advertisement? And who on earth thought that a baby Hitler outfit (complete down to the fake mini mustache) was a good idea?

The very real necessity of posting this sign in every Starbucks in the city. Although I don’t think they work too well… all the bathrooms still smell like smoke.

This… well, it’s not bad at all; actually it’s sweet and cute and part of what I love about my Asian friends. But adding carrots and nuts to beer bread rolls so that they each had a smiley face is still a bit odd for my Western mentality. Sometimes you just need a little extra flair, I guess!


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