Poor unfortunate soul.

This is about what our friendly neighborhood husky looked like before (courtesy of Google images).

This is the after.

Poor pup. Not only did his owners shave him down for the summer, but when they realized it was a little cool outside just immediately slapped this ladies’ blouse on him. Ouch.


5 Comments on “Spotted”

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh that is so sad! Poor doggy!!! Mitch and I have decided that y’all should steal the dog and save it from further humiliation.

  2. ally says:

    Wow. That’s pretty incredible. And to think I’ve been wanting to shave Thatch for the summer 🙂

  3. thegregs says:

    Allison: don’t do it! (But if you do, take pictures.) Amanda, I think we can’t get away with stealing (rescuing?) that poor dog but we are still trying to decide about getting our own dog. I just don’t know how it would work in apartment life…

  4. Hey Beth! I’ve been following your blog and all your ‘goings on’, but haven’t been good about posting. Poor doggy. We’ve thought about shaving our husky, but seeing this photo makes me think, ummm nope. Lol, I did laugh at the tail. Hope yall are doing great!

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