Just another day hanging out around home. Walked down to the market. Saw a couple of guys getting new hairdos.

And these guys, taking a smoke break around some fresh tobacco leaf.



Into the city for a final, fancy dinner. Hanging out at this place. (Stolen from Anne Marie’s  blog, I forgot to take pictures.)


Life here is funny. One minute it’s street vendors, peasants from the countryside, poop in the street, whole crowds of people who are really shocked by just how high your nose is. The next it’s Audis and candlelit dinners and rich businessmen flaunting their piles of freshly-made cash. I hear that more and more people are hanging out somewhere in the middle. But most days it’s the contrast that catches my attention.


To Our Dads: Thanks!

Happy Father’s Day to David and Doug, two of the best dads in the world. Although my dad has recently asked me to e-mail him the blog (he’s not quite sure how to check it on the Internet) and I don’t think Doug even knows we have one–well, I still wanted to take advantage of this day to wish them both a very happy Father’s Day!

They’ve put up with a lot–most recently, with us deciding to uproot and move to the other side of the globe. And although a lot of dads would think this was a terrible idea, both of our fathers (and our moms, too, come to mention it) have been supportive and encouraging the whole time.

My dad raised four girls and Doug raised three boys. Although I’m sure they both wanted to pull their hair out at various times (probably for very different reasons), they persevered and look at what perfect treasures we turned out to be. Ha!

Anyway, we love both of you and are thinking of you this Father’s Day. Much love and thank you for sticking with us!

Our Digs

Do you get a kick out of spying on other people’s houses?

Good, me too.

Just in case you were curious, here are some more pictures of what our lives this year have looked like. And thus, our apartment.

This is our office/study/library area, where we  waste time on our computers. The desk is a really awesome double desk, which someone who lived in this house before us (not sure who but I bet it was Kelly) found in a local junk market. On the wall we’ve framed a map of where we live with buttons marking spots we’ve already visited and spots we want to see. Someday.

Our bedroom.

We got these wood carvings a few weeks after we moved back to Asia. I love them–a lot of our house is decorated in a really Western style for several reasons, one being that’s what I tend toward and the other being that was what the foreigners who lived in our house before left behind. But these wood carvings are typically and traditionally Asian, and they make me happy.

Across from our bed. These frames are actually intended for use by art students who would stretch canvas across them for watercolors and oils. (There is probably a one-word description of that process but I am not artsy and have no idea!)  But without the canvases they were really cheap-like 50 cents apiece–and I had some extra white fabric so I stapled the fabric to the back and put some of our wedding photos on them. I have tons of these frames with various fabric backings scattered throughout our house, used both as picture frames and bulletin boards (see the “office” photo above).

This might be my favorite spot in our entire house. The view is ah-ma-zing and I love coming here to drink my morning coffee, to have a QT, or to waste more time on my computer. (There is way too much of that going on here, apparently.)

Also, you can just see the dehumidifier in this photo and in the one above. This room has a long history of mold problems (we got our landlord to repaint the bedroom because of mold when we moved in) and the humidity is apparent as we generally empty the dehumidifier twice a day. Oh well; these are the things you figure out and coping isn’t a problem once you know the issue at hand.

Anyway, this is my nook. Don’t you wish you could spend your mornings staring out at the Asian city skyline?