-Helen has come and gone. She left the country yesterday after spending a few days in the capital. Thankfully, I was able to travel with her and we had so much fun seeing the sights and buying (lots!) of stuff. Family and friends, get excited for Christmas.

I took almost no photos during Helen’s time here, probably because most of our time together happened in the lazy, hanging-out moments of life: cooking dinner, watching a movie, lounging on the couch. And then, during our travels, I forgot my camera at home. Oh, well.

I am so grateful Helen was able to come and spend a month and a half here this summer. It has been so fun for both Michael and me to hang out with her and to experience Asia with her, almost as if for the first time. This summer was the first time since I started college about 10 years ago (!!!!) that we’ve had more than a few weeks in the same place. She is amazing and I am so thankful for our extended time together!

These two pics, sadly blurry, are from Helen’s birthday dinner at our house. So much fun!

-Lost and found: engagement ring. Twice.

Although Michael is currently doubtful of my true feelings toward this piece of jewelry, I love my engagement ring. Despite that, after more than three mishap-free years, the month of June was a real disaster, jewelry-wise.

The first incident happened on my birthday in early June. I was on our back porch, transplanting our basil plant into a larger pot, and didn’t want my rings to get grimy. So I took it off. Unfortunately I’m afflicted with clumsy fingers  and my ring bounced onto the porch…

….over the railing

…..and down into this.


Thankfully the ring landed in this patio area and not in the general craziness that is the rest of the  neighborhood. It’s difficult to tell in these photos but outside of this patio there is a steep slope, lots of chickens, and assorted rubbish. If the ring had bounced just a bit it would have landed in the woods and heaven only knows what would have happened.

I started shaking and freaking out immediately, which is when Michael came to the rescue. Our downstairs neighbors weren’t home at the time, so he had to crawl through the woods and over the wall into the patio. He made it though and found my ring, safe and sound, on the concrete floor. A huge sigh of relief and promises to never remove my ring, ever again, followed.

Until about two weeks later.

Although round one was resolved in a matter of 30 minutes, round two, while less dramatic, dragged on for days. I took my ring off for bed one night and couldn’t find it the next morning. Or the next. We tore our house apart and couldn’t find it. We moved all the furniture in our bedroom and it was nowhere to be seen. Until, half a week later while looking behind a shelf in the bathroom for a dropped earring–there it was! Not sure how that happened since we had previously searched behind the aforementioned shelf, but whatever, I’ll take it.

And now I promise I really will never take my ring off again. Or at least I’ll be really careful with where I place it.

-And, finally, more good-byes. After an incredible year, this week we said farewell to this amazing group of friends.

I can’t handle dealing with it right now so I’m not going to write much except to say: you will all be missed!

One Comment on “Happenings”

  1. Bethany says:

    I can’t believe you lost and found your ring twice!
    I miss you we need a phone date.

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