Also known as reasons why my husband is awesome.

As you all know, we’ve just moved. Some new friends will be moving into our old apartment and, although we packed up most of our stuff, we left some behind, including our kitchen table and chairs. For years, Michael has wanted to try his hand at woodworking (his grandfather was quite the carpenter) and this was the perfect chance. So, once our stuff was semi-unpacked Michael started his mission. Finding wood was the first step. Although there’s some sort of small home-improvement shop on every corner, the only thing we’d ever seen in those was plywood. Undeterred, Michael managed to find a lumberyard about 20 minutes away from our house and had them deliver these boards.

Step one: find materials. Check!

Thanks to the magic of the Internet (and his own good sense) he was able to figure out what kind of supports a farmhouse table would need…

…and successfully added legs.

Hooray! It stands!

After sanding it down, the last step was staining the wood (surprisingly hard to find and seriously strong), waiting for it to dry (it’s hard to be patient when you’re this excited about something), and moving it inside. Y’all, it is heavy!

Doesn’t it look great?

So, so happy with how it turned out and so proud of Michael for making it happen. Definitely my favorite place in our apartment.

On another note… I got the chairs at the junk/secondhand market in town and want to figure out some way to make the light wood on the seat and back work with the table.  Sand it down and spray paint it? We don’t have any more of the wood stain, by the way. Hmmm.

11 Comments on “Crafty”

  1. Anna Uzzell says:

    wow! that looks awesome! can we place an order?!

  2. Bethany says:

    LOVE the table! Good job!

  3. Tina Owens says:

    Love it! Love the chairs, too.

  4. ally says:

    Very impressive!! And I’m not sure you really need to do anything to the stairs…of course, I am missing the design gene…..

  5. ally says:

    Um, I mean chairs. 🙂

  6. corey says:

    this is awesome! he can make me a table any day! I.LOVE.IT :0)

  7. Ahh I love it. Seriously! Add THAT to my Christmas list…

  8. feelingfull says:

    Whoa! I’m impressed. It looks like a restaurant! One thought on the chairs, maybe just paint them completely black? I don’t find the lighter color all that distracting myself, but that’s just my viewpoint on it.

  9. Margaret says:

    Beth and Michael,
    I am so impressed by the woodworking abilities. Real good looking.
    Missed you at the shower for sister Amy. Hate I am going to miss you
    at the wedding. Although so glad y’all are able to come.

  10. […] managed to have a few adventures at the beginning of this month. First up? Michael’s new(ish) love of carpentry led to […]

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