Marriage: Tuesday was anniversary number THREE for us! Can you believe it? I can.not.

I grow continually more thankful for Michael and am so grateful that we get to share our lives together. At dinner on our anniversary, we decided that this past year we have really settled into our relationship in a new way. We’re comfortable. Understand each other more. Not to say–at all!!–that we have figured this out (I don’t think that ever happens on this earth) but things have a solidity, constancy, and certainty that I pray will only continue to grow every year. Three years may not be all that long in the scheme of things, but for us, it’s a significant chunk of life. So, so, so glad we’ve done it together.

(Unsolicited advice: we’ve spent the last several months, off and on, listening to this series on marriage and it has been one of the best things we’ve done. Keller, as always, encourages, exhorts, and most of all, reminds us of the true purpose of marriage. If anyone is looking for a resource, I would highly recommend these sermons.)

Life with a puppy: I love our dog. I grew up with dogs, but have never had an inside pet and, honestly, wasn’t sure what to expect. Things have, for sure, changed, but I love our little guy. Albus is a sweetheart and while he’s still figuring out life (it would probably be fair to say that he’s half house-trained) he has completely stolen our hearts. He loves treats–whatever house-training has been accomplished is due solely to the American bacon treats our friend Sarah brought in from the States for him. He’s smart. Stubborn. Gives this adorable, quizzical, tilted-head stare that makes me forgive him for his latest offense. Naps half the day at our feet and spins around the room like his tail is on fire the other half. Yes, I think this dog-owner thing was a good call.

Progress: Yesterday, a movie theater opened underneath our apartment complex. If you have ever been to DXC, you will appreciate this. If you have not, I’m not sure if you’ll know what a big deal this is. Michael and I and a few other friends went to see Harry Potter (again) last night, for the grand opening fee of $4.69 for two tickets. I really can’t emphasize enough what a BIG deal this is–it is going to be so fun and easy and just a great recreation outlet that was formerly unimaginable. And it is a five-minute walk from our apartment!!! Craziness.