And, More

So, the actual Part One of our trip to America was spent in Alabama with my family. Amy and Lee got married (pretty pretty pictures here!) on the 8th and we spent a week prepping for the wedding and just hanging out with my parents and sisters.

Wednesday the 5th was my mom’s birthday and also, not coincidentally, the day everyone really rolled into town. Heaven knows the last time my mom had all her girls together on her birthday, and heaven only knows the next time it will happen.

Mary Emily and Mama.

The Farnsworth girls. 🙂

This is what it’s really like at our house.

Can you believe that this was the very first time we met Lee? Amy and Lee started dating at the end of July/end of August 2010, and Michael and I left for Asia very shortly after that. So the first time we met our brother-in-law face-to-face was the Wednesday before the wedding. Life is crazy. But (by the way!) we heartily approve. And goodness knows Michael is thankful for some more male back-up.

Now for the wedding weekend report. Lee is from a small town in west Mississippi and apparently the thing to do there is make the rehearsal dinner an event to rival the wedding itself. It was a dress-up affair with an after-party and DJ. Michael and I were struggling to stay up late two nights in a row (I am choosing to lay the blame for that on the jet lag) but it was great fun. I don’t have any photos from the wedding day itself (please, I was busy and that is what photographers are for!) but it was absolutely lovely.

Sisters, lined up per age order, at the rehearsal.

Our new, complete, family photo.

Us and our husbands (!!!). I’ve been married three years now and usually feel kind of old but apparently somehow, deep down inside, I still think I’m about 9 and can’t believe we’ve grown up enough for this.


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