Part One


That’s what we’ve been up to lately. Going home (where is home?). Spending lots of time with those dearest to us. Stuffing ourselves to the gills with yummy Western food. Playing. Talking. Laughing. Being outside. Amidst it all, Michael got a new camera (Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to him!).

We arrived back in CQ last night, late, and woke up early this morning. In a few minutes I’ll scoot on off to class (never mentioned that my ride is a sweet electric moped, did I?) and life will resume its normal rhythm. For now, I’m happy to be sitting on my own couch in my bright orange living room, but missing parents and siblings (of both sides–I have the bestest in-laws) and foliage.

Here are a few snapshots from MeiGuo (that would be America to you English-speakers). More to come, whenever we get around to uploading and editing. Hopefully soon.

BeBe (Michael’s mom) and adorable 2-year-old niece Katie Page.

Sister-in-law Holley and a few of the kiddos (Chase, 4, and Katie Page). They move so fast that they’re pretty much equally blurred in real life.

Riley, 6, and Chase. Love the expressions!

Suzanne and Matt (Brag alert: Matt ran a 2 hour, 54 minute marathon on Sunday! Lightning fast!), Mark and Holley, and Michael and me.

The view during an afternoon hike on Signal Mountain.

Break time. I love America!



One Comment on “Part One”

  1. Holley says:

    Ah! I love all of these pictures! I’m very curious how the “Gregory family pictures” turned out. You also forgot to mention our lightning fast run 🙂

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