Slice of Life

A few days ago I went for a walk. The sky was sunny (side note: these last few days have been so clear that I saw the moon and stars–please humor me and understand what a big deal this good weather is) and it was perfect weather for venturing out. I took Albus, of course, and a friend.

Life here is funny (see the video below for true eccentricity) and things work differently. When my friend and I decided to stop and give the puppy a rest, we ended up in a grass field. A few students were scattered about the area: studying, listening to music, resting. And one group of students who were earnestly singing. They weren’t particularly good and it certainly wasn’t a music club, just a group of kids, mostly boys, practicing songs. About their dreams.

That’s right. This group of 12-15 freshmen had gathered on a rare, sunny afternoon to practice songs about their dreams. I don’t remember the words, exactly, but it went something like this: “If I work very, very hard, one day I will achieve my dreams. I can do it. I can achieve my dream.” We lingered on the field for an hour or so, playing with Albus and striking up a conversation with another girl who was lazing nearby. The entire time, the group continued to sing the same few songs. Mostly they sat in a circle, but occasionally they would stand to really stretch their legs and vocal cords. And that was it. About the time we stood up to go, so did the singers. I suppose their dreams were all worn out for the day.

I asked my friend, who is local, if she found this singing ensemble even the slightest bit odd. No, she said. They just want to reach their dreams. Why wouldn’t they sing about it?


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