As if you were there

Dear familia,

We missed y’all! But no worries, our Thanksgiving was pretty incredible, even though we couldn’t be together.

Exhibit A: us! Look at Michael’s beard (he’s oh-so-proud) and new hipster-y glasses. Thankfully (in my book), the beard is gone now. You win some, you lose some.

The table settings. So, this new Pinterest/design blog/DIY craze makes me laugh. Oh, you better believe I’m a part of it, though. I looove getting ready for a holiday. A party. Or, you know, supper tomorrow night. Since I was a child, I remember wanting to do up our table fancy for holidays and birthdays and other various celebrations. Although I’m (sort of) inclined to think I’m ridiculous to want to make such a big deal out of things, I can’t help but embrace the madness.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with liking pretty things, right?

If I do say so myself, the ambience was quite nice.

The spread. It was kind of a competition (who can respond to e-mails the fastest?) to see which of our friends ended up making what. So one thing I’m thankful for was the delicious and abundant food we got to share on Thanksgiving.

Michael made this yummy stuffing (his grandmother’s recipe) while I did the broccoli salad…

…and the pecan and pumpkin (my favorite!) pies. Nom nom!

Obviously, Michael had time during the day for a little PlayStation football.

After the feast, a few of our friends headed outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. This is Cat and her one-year-old, Noah, hanging out in our apartment complex.

We brought down this furry ball of energy (blurriness was not intentional but is right on target as far as truthfulness) for a little leg stretching. All went well until I tried to call him to come in while walking backwards.

Grace is so not my forte and (unsurprisingly) I backed right up into this pool of water. Thankfully I didn’t tumble in all the way and only got my legs wet. But trust me, it was quite a spectacle for our neighbors and I drew even more questioning looks than usual when I continued to hang around outside barefoot (it really wasn’t that cold). For those of you who know Asia, don’t worry, I went upstairs and washed off my feet just after. 🙂

All told, we had a great holiday and are so thankful for friends, family, laughter, and celebrations.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all (and let the Christmas season begin)!


3 Comments on “As if you were there”

  1. David Farnsworth says:

    Great!!!! Good talking with you both on Thanksgiving. We miised ya’ll too!!!

    Love Daddy/David

  2. Anna Uzzell says:

    wow! so impressed with your decorations, Beth!

  3. thegregs says:

    Most certainly did not do them all myself. 🙂 Miss you, Anna! Skype soon?

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