Yes, friends, we have them. That dreaded non-friend known as the rat.

They’ve always been around… lurking, scurrying into the bushes before you’re absolutely positive what you saw, hiding in a trash can (my friend Erika used to tell her little girl  they were a special kind of local squirrel!)…. but this is another level. You see, this year we have our own wheels. I drive an electric scooter (saving the environment!), Michael drives a gas-powered one (saving his back when he doesn’t have to lug the battery upstairs every few days). Our parking “lot,” otherwise known as the pavilion just beside our building, is overrun with the rodents.
At the time when we moved into our apartment building, we could just park our che downstairs in the lobby. Sure, every few days the management office (the wuguan) would leave a notice on our che about parking outside in the officially designated area. But we ignored those–no one else was parking out there, either–until one day when we arrived home to find the lobby cleared and our vehicles moved to the pavilion just outside.

Fine, no big deal. EXCEPT. The pavilion is also the spot where the apartment complex workers like to leave huge bags of trash. You know what that means. Open garbage bags = rats. Even closed garbage bags = rats chew holes in the bottom and then spend hours nosing around inside. It’s gotten out of control. It’s to the point where, every time I go in there, I see at least one, usually more like three, running away to hide in the bushes. I mean, really. To tell the truth, they’re not even that scared of me. And the garbage just stays there, all the solitary day, rotting in the corner. My friend and neighbor Cat said last night that even though the visible rats leave when we arrive she’s noticed the bag itself keeps moving. Ugghhhh.

Yesterday Michael asked the wuguan to please stop dumping trash in the spot where they make us park our che. They seemed shocked that we have rats (really?) but said they’d look into it. Nada. The garbage bags have stayed, the rats are still at home. Today when Michael went in again to complain, our helpful  management workers laughed in his face. Rats are not really a huge concern, it seems. Not OK.

Michael, determined to prove the point that this is not OK, dragged one of the garbage bags into the street on his way to class and it was gone when he got home. But garbage bag #2 had not been moved, and the rats? Still there. I’m not sure what’s about to happen but y’all! It is NOT FUN being scared (because I am) every time I head out.

Updates to come… and, by the by, I realize this is not earth-shattering or truly horrible. Just a little shiver-inducing. That’s all.


One Comment on “RAnT”

  1. Anna Uzzell says:

    not earth-shattering or truly horrible? i think so!

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