The small things bringing me joy this Christmas season.


He’s a hoodrat, mischievous, smart as a whip, and completely spoiled rotten. We love him, and there is nothing greater than cuddling up on the couch with this puppy. He’s the bestest.

Creamer, coffee, and Christmas mugs.

I’ve recently discovered, thanks to Pinterest, that it is possible to make coffee creamer on your own. Where we live, the only coffee creamer available is the powdered kind, which is gross to me. This simple recipe (14 oz milk plus 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk plus 2 tsp vanilla) has been a game changer this December. We just ran out of peppermint extract (note to self: this must be at the top of our next “America request” list) but for a good week or so we added it to the creamer concoction for Christmas in a mug.


This wreath is still lacking a bow but I’ll get there soon enough! Just hot glued lima beans to a wreath form and then spray painted white. This is making me smile every time I look at our door.


I was just beginning to get nervous that we would have next to nothing to open on Christmas morning (disclaimer: nervousness is attributed solely to the local post office) when the packages from our families arrived. Unfortunately (ahem, Albus) we can’t put these lovely gifts under the tree quite yet but we are so grateful these goodies came in.

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