Michael’s Holiday Look

Michael and baby. File under: disturbing things.

Thankfully, short-lived. This one-day wonder was a post-Thanksgiving special. Against their better judgement, our friends Alan and Shannon allowed creepy Michael to hold their new baby for a picture. I’m still trying to forget…

2 Comments on “Michael’s Holiday Look”

  1. stacy o' says:

    what a creeper. the weekend after thanksgiving aaron shaved some interesting facial hair as well. be thankful michael only left it for a day. aaron left his for a week. and then shaved it into a dale earnhardt mustache (i think that grossed him out too much to have a thick mustache, because he only left that one long enough for pictures).

    was thinking about you today, and went to check out your fb profile, and found the link to the blog. fun seeing pictures of your life!

  2. […] friends, and good ones. (Shannon is the mom who was brave/crazy enough to let Michael hold her newest one, little […]

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