Hot Pot Holiday

Last night, the foreign student department took us out for a special Christmas dinner, CQ style.

Hot pot.

Not for the faint of heart (I’m dubious, Michael adores it), hot pot is a local specialty where you boil various meats and veggies in oil and then dip it in more oil to cool it down before eating. The outer ring of the pot is spicy, the inner ring is not. I wish I liked it–I really do–but at this point I think I’ve resigned myself to toleration and am not hoping for much more. However, lots of friends here swear by it. And there is something fun about the communal element of going to hot pot with a group of friends and the hours you spend around the table while waiting for your food. Let’s just say, I appreciate the pot.

Noah came along for the ride. I think he shares my uncertainties when it comes to hot pot.

Two of our teachers flipping out over Noah. Foreign babies are a hit here.

That would be intestines. Nom nom.

Michael was not super thrilled with the last post, when he looks like someone who belongs in jail. In an effort to redeem myself, you should all know that this is what he looks like these days.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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