See Ya

We’re about to be out of here!

One of the best parts of living over here is that, as things (schools, shops, life) shut down for the New Year we head out of town to the sunny land of Thailand. And about time, too. What with the cold and the hacking cough I can’t shake, only a land of fruit shakes and blue skies could help. Although, to tell the truth, this year we’re reluctant to head out as a) we’re old and leaving the house for an extended period isn’t as awesome as it once was and b) Albus. Thankfully, a friend of a friend lives too far away from her home to return for the New Year so she will be living at our apartment watching the pupster while we’re gone. We’re waiting to meet her now and hand over the keys before hitting the road.

And, there’s the door. See y’all later!!!