While You Were Out

We recently returned from our travels to a (kind of) intact home and our own amazing beds. I recently heard a speaker say that the journey home is the most prevalent theme in all of world literature (think of The Odyssey) and I definitely understand why. No matter where you go or what you are doing, there is something wonderfully comforting about returning to your very own place. Truly, there’s no place like home.

Last post, I mentioned that during our travels an Asian friend watched Albus for us. Things went OK but I just had to share this awesomely hilarious e-mail we received midway through our travels.


Dear Miechaels,
        Hi!I miss you so much, so does the lovely dog .He is so cute that I couldn’t wait  to take some photos for him.I would like to send them to you as soon as possible.
        He didn’t feel comfortable when I  kept the 暖气  [heater] closed all day long a few days ago . What’s worse,he caught a cold later.So, I had to pay some medicine for him three times per day.Fortunately,I prayede this to God,and the honey dog  got better soon.I am so happy to resee his strongness!It’s amazing!
         He always give me some shocking things in my daily life .He had bite the furniture out of my sight when I just reading in the study!!!I am so sorry about it. I haven’t try my best to restrain his bad behavior .Please forgive me.my dear friends…
          What’s more,I can’t find one of the room keys last afternoon.In a hurry,I told [our mutual friend] and I  have  asked help from [another friend].She gave the key to me after that.

           Really miss you, my friends.        


Believe it or not, I’m headed out again this afternoon: this time, to the countryside for some probable adventures. (See last year’s travels here.) I’m excited but, truthfully, more than a bit reluctant to leave my warm bed, my sweet puppy, and–of course–my husband. Also, a nasty stomach virus has been making the rounds and I’m terrified that I or someone else will succumb in the midst of an overnight bus or some other inconvenient place. Hopefully that won’t happen–updates to come pending my return in a week!



3 Comments on “While You Were Out”

  1. Haley says:

    The email still makes me laugh. So glad that Albus didn’t end up destroying everything in the end. Have so much fun this week! Praying for no stomach problems. Love you & miss you already!

  2. Erika says:

    I loved the letter!

  3. […] the bad, goodness, is serious. Last January Albus ate our couch covers and chewed up our wooden (ok, vinyl, or something like unto) baseboards. When company comes over, […]

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