Around and About

One of the joys of life overseas are the small things that just don’t quite make sense to my Western eyes. I’m not judging: we live here, and heaven knows that Spanish instructions/signs/etc. in the States are probably horribly misspelled and/or contain terrible gaffes. (I sometimes wonder if people are walking around America, shaking their heads and taking pictures of the ridiculous things we do for blog posts in their home country. Surely, right?) On the other hand, I do wonder how difficult it would be  to ask a random English major or foreigner to spell check before publishing.

Ah, well. Here are some iPhone pics from daily life the last several months. Enjoy!

From an airplane magazine:

Have you ever travellt to the “Douthern Henispgere?”

The tea shop down the street:

Santa gets a Hindi makeover! (And yes, this photo was taken in 2012… Christmas all year round!)

A motel in Thailand:

If you smoke in this hotel room, you are punished by 2,000 baths, not baht. Close, but no cigar. (Sorry, y’all, couldn’t stop myself on that one!)

Tourist shop in a near-by(ish) town:

And, finally, the latest in fine women’s wear. Looking for something out of the ordinary? This, ahem, ensemble, is sure to make you the star of the show wherever you go!

A trip this week to the Old Town in our city:

I’m definitely not getting anything done in a place that specializes in both feet and ears. How on earth did those two things end up in the same spot?

Also snapped in Old Town:

A women’s clothing store. The translation is exactly correct and, although I think the name works in the local language, it’s a bit odd in English.


One Comment on “Around and About”

  1. Anna Uzzell says:

    LOL! Beth, too funny! I’m going to show theses to Hank too, he’ll love them.

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