Swallowed Up in Victory

Not too many thoughts, deep or otherwise, this Monday afternoon.

Just a few photos of our Sunday.

Michael and me, outside glamming it up for photos post-brunch.

And while our pupster couldn’t make it down for the photo shoot, we took some pictures upstairs with him on our porch before we headed out. (This photo is really awkward, though… ooops?) Anyone have any thoughts on Albus’s new do? I think it makes him look like a deep South youth group leader. Or a professor at Oxford, which sounds more sophisticated.

I didn’t take many photos at all, but am really grateful for these two friends who came in for Easter. They have been helping me stay (sort of) sane this semester. So thankful for them!

And here’s most of the people we celebrated with. Good looking group if I do say so! (But maybe I can’t really tell what’s “good-looking” anymore and am just blinded because we were all so dressed up? A rare sight, let me tell you.) This is stolen off of Facebook, btw, because I was too lazy to ask someone to use my camera for the shot.

Hope that your Easter was lovely, restful, and most of all, joyous.

P.S. It was fun, but we (por supuesto) missed our families. And these guys, Qingers not least among them. Love to all!


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