Definitely not PC

I mentioned awhile back that, almost beyond belief, we got a movie theater just down the street from our apartment. Michael and I (and most of our American friends, let’s be honest) have been stalking the theater recently, waiting anxiously for Hunger Games to please, please open somewhere in this country. So far, no luck, but Titanic in 3D minus Rose’s nude scene (edited out nationwide! didn’t know they could do that) is sweeping the country. While we were asking (yet again) at the movie theater last week, I finally snapped a few pictures of the promotional posters which line the main hallway.

These actors and actresses seem a bit random. Yes, Audrey Hepburn is one of the greats, but Pierce Brosnan? Who knew he would be one of the elite featured. (The other actors with posters were Asian and I don’t think they are well-known in the States so I left them out.)

Anyway, here they are, with a few highlighted selections from their awesome bios. As always, translation is really complicated and whoever wrote these posters might not have gotten it exactly right, but was doing pretty good already to be able to (somewhat) handle the complicated English language. Heaven knows I wouldn’t want the reverse responsibility.

…The childhood passed in lonely. The life whets makes him permature to start maturely, had one kind of young person who acts old the bearing.

….[Remington] Steele, his mature performing skill and the natural demeanor make the large audience to fall for it.

…But the better self died enables him to have in very long period of time to be unable the normal work, in 2001 had found a tranquil harbor finally, got married with Kelly.

On June 1, 1926 the Marilyn Monroe augherty married, but after soon, because of war, in her 20 years old time finished this section of marriages…

…”The Seven-Year Itch” and so on, establishes her silver screen sexy goddess the image.

…she not only leapt into the first-class star, and has become the Hollywood greatest myth.

…this made her to become famous overnight in Hollywood, and has opened gate of the American for her.

…Her performance plain is rich in the fervor.

….Hepburn last time faced the camera, was “Always” acts one in Steven Spielberg Director to wear the white long gown’s delicate angel.

Unfortunately this picture is blurred. Spielberg’s bio opens:

Steven Spielberg (Steven Alan Spielberg) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jewish descent.

Because that information, friends, is what you really needed to know. Ohhhhhh goodness.


One Comment on “Definitely not PC”

  1. johnwgunter says:

    Hilarious. . . I’ve walked past these and never stopped to notice!

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