Speed dial

Big plans this summer: relevant for this post being my plans of working on photography skills. That didn’t happen. At all. BUT I have a phone with a camera and so here are a few shots from our summer. A summer which is almost over, can you believe it???

Michael and his grandmother on the porch of her home in Gadsden. Mawmaw, at the tender young age of close-to-90, still makes the best fried chicken in the world. Michael (and his dad, come to think of it) get their lighthearted personalities directly from her.

When mutual friends asked her brother why the oldest sister was still in such good health, he replied: “Stella just doesn’t give a care.” (That may or may not be slightly edited to protect the dignity of Michael’s great-uncle.) The truth is, she doesn’t worry about much, a lesson which I could stand to learn, but one which Michael probably has a hold on for the both of us, at this point.

Playing ladder ball (at midnight in the pitch black) with Suzanne, my Chattanooga sister-in-law, and our husbands. I think Michael and I took an early lead but in the end got smoked by Matt and Suzanne’s late comeback.

Black-eyed Susans, on the porch of my parents’ house in Sylacauga.

Braves game in Atlanta with the Farnsworth familia. (Braves won, Hanson pitched, and Chipper hit a homer. Not bad if I do say so!)

Post-race at the Waterfront Tri in Chattanooga. Michael did the running leg of this race with a couple of buddies; I cheered and ate Panera bagels. Sounds fair to me!

View from the house at my in-laws lake, where we’ve spent most of our time while in Chattanooga.

Last of all, last week at the beach (Seagrove, if you care) with my family.

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