It’s so hot that…

-Our favorite coffee (OK, technically donut) shop was closed for business yesterday because it was just too hot to go to work.

-It’s “too dangerous” for gas stations to fill cars/scooters up in the midday heat… you have to wait until after 4.30 pm.

-Our town is known far and wide as one of the “furnaces” of this country. Maybe it’s humidity, maybe it’s something about the terrain; all I know is it is steamy.

-When I made a midday run for some ingredients to the shop around the corner, the owner (who I’m friendly with) looked at me like I was crazy and asked why on earth I left the house during the middle of the day. All local people know that summer heat is made for staying in the house!

-My friends pull their pillows and sheets off their bunks to sleep on the slightly cooler ground; most school dormitories do not have AC.

-After dinner at our favorite restaurant, we walk outside and greet our friend the cook. He is shirtless, his round belly (the result of all that good food) on display. He shakes his head. “It is so hot,” he says. The best (worst) part: he grabs his shirt, which was draped over his shoulders, and twists it in his hands, wringing a small puddle of his own sweat on the ground. We avert our eyes and quickly walk away.

-Heat rises off the ground like steam over a pot of bubbling noodles. It’s the kind of hot where ceasing motion means you’ll melt like a pat of butter in the skillet, but it’s also the kind of hot when your sluggish body refuses to just go, already. The quickest and nimblest of motions seem no faster than a slow motion replay on TV. The air is dense, heavy. Sweat slides down my cheeks, my arms, my stomach like drops of water on a glass of ice water at noon. Through the grime of smog, the sun bears down.


4 Comments on “It’s so hot that…”

  1. Beth, thanks for chronicling our misery. . . great job! It’s so hot that even riding 50mph on my motorbike with no helmet on is STILL miserably hot. Come fall, please come!

  2. Joel says:

    Wow Beth, I’m tempted to say, “cool post,” but leaving that comment may get me accused of a climate of indifference. Hang in there: autumn’s on the way!

  3. Anna Uzzell says:

    love reading your blog! hope it cools off soon

  4. thegregs says:

    Anna–miss you! We should Skype again soon? Thinking of you guys as you get used to life with two little ones. 🙂 And Joel, thank goodness we had rain all day yesterday which means it’s cooled down lots today. We met your dad at North Shore our last Sunday; excited for you to get out of the States soon!

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