Scenes from a Summer

I didn’t have my camera for long this summer–the battery up and died about two weeks in and wouldn’t ya know I left my charger in Asia–but I did get a few photos before that happened. And then I stole the pictures from my dad’s camera during our beach trip, so I figured I should stick a few of those photos up here as well.

Here ya go!

Mary Emily being all healthy and stuff during an afternoon picnic/hike.

Profile pic! For realz, though.

Maybe my favorite picture ever of my dad.

Amy and her new(ish) husband, Lee.

So sweet: Mary Emily and Mama.

The parentals at the beach.

Me being weird with Helen. Who knows.

While there were some really cute family pictures of all of us, I kinda like this one, which Michael took while testing the lighting. Reality, y’all.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters! (Maybe.)

And finally, the requisite couple shot. Which I love.


2 Comments on “Scenes from a Summer”

  1. ally says:

    I love the requisite couple shot too. Beautiful!

  2. David Farnsworth says:

    Thanks Beth-e-pie for sharing all these pictures. We miss you and Michale so much!!!! love daddy

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