O Happy Day

I’m late observing, but this guy just had a big day. He’s 29! (He prefers to say “Twenty-NIIIIINE!” like Schmidt says on New Girl. Anyway.)

Last Friday was the day, and we celebrated in style. It started off in the morning when some friends graciously offered to make birthday breakfast for Michael (and me, too!). We walked in the door to a “Happy Birthday” serenade and just the right amount of extra help in blowing out that pesky birthday candle.

That evening, we went all out for sushi with friends at our favorite place. (Side note: I honestly cannot believe that we have a favorite sushi place out here! It blows my mind that we can even find sushi in this part of town but sure enough, we have it and it is yuuuuum.)

And then we came back home for caramel cake and more laughter with friends.

You must know that I didn’t make the cake: I supervised while my Asian friend did. And it was her very first time to ever bake a cake of any sort, not to mention caramel. Y’all, it was delicious and although it was just a tad lopsided, it is WAAAAYYYY better looking than any caramel cake I’ve ever made. Annnnd it tasted amazing! That -ish is hard to make!

(Below is what my first caramel cake looked like. I’m either really bad or my friend is just that good. Or maybe both.)


Michael and I were both super-impressed with this labor of love, and so grateful to my sweet friend for helping out.

Mushy moment: I’m so thankful for my kind, giving, and funny husband. Michael is the best and I’m so thankful to have gotten to celebrate another birthday with him. Happy 29!


One Comment on “O Happy Day”

  1. Anna Uzzell says:

    Happy birthday!! we think about and pray for you often!!

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