Thankful for

These friends.

When I think of the things for which I’m grateful, they rank up at the top. Among the many blessings this summer brought, a quick weekend with these girls (and one more who is not in this photo) was one of the best.

We became friends in high school, when in eleventh grade I moved to Tuscaloosa and started at this tiny, podunk (sorry but it’s true!), private school. Two quick years there, and nearly 12 (!!!!) years after graduating, I still love them dearly. It remains one of life’s greatest blessings that such a short stint could grant me such precious friends.

Sometimes I think it’s harder to make friends, or at least to make deep friends quickly, as I grow older. Perhaps because my cup is fuller, perhaps because my heart is more guarded, perhaps because my time is more limited. Perhaps it’s because I place such value on constancy, a quality which can only be proven with the passage of time.

I do know that, although I’m not the best at staying in daily touch, when I see these friends I simultaneously feel 16 and 29. The memories of silly, girlish laughter exist side-by-side with the realities of the struggles life has since brought. We jump from ancient jokes about zit cream to the struggles of raising twins and searching for jobs…. and it all, somehow, fits.

Thankful today for a moment, this summer, and for these specific friends.



2 Comments on “Thankful for”

  1. David Farnsworth says:

    Wonderful friends, so glad for ya’lls love for each other.

  2. melissa says:

    This was such a special time!
    Also, just received you and Michael’s Christmas card and it is fantastic! I can’t stop looking at it and smiling. Plus, watch out for Albus…dog modeling anyone?

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