Welcome, 2013! We are so glad to see you!

Before I forget… this is how we saw out 2012 and welcomed in the new year.  IMG_1220

Downtown, Times Square-style.

OK, maybe not Times Square…. but the press of people reminded me of the insanity of Times Square on New Year’s Eve. (Not that I would know… never been and hope to never go.) Along with some other friends, we left our little suburb for the evening and rented a room in one of the big hotels in the city center.

Michael and I figured this might be our last year for a long time to do something crazy for the New Year (babies apparently have a way of liking early bedtimes and  consistent feedings and calm environments… ok, all things I normally value as well) so we wanted to do something a bit more exciting than usual. Well, we succeeded!

After dinner at a Japanese steakhouse (don’t remember the last time I was so stuffed), we wandered around the square soaking in the environment before our large group got split up. This is me and my friend Amanda earlier in the evening, before I lost her in the crowd.


Michael and I ended up with those who went back to the hotel lobby for some awkward lounge singing and entertaining people watching before heading back on the streets around 11.30. It was insane!

This was actually not my first time to the city center for New Year’s Eve… last time I came, about 5-6 years ago, the crowds brandished plastic bats and spray bottles. This year, things were still raucous but much tamer: instead of bats for beating one another up, everyone carried balloons. At the stroke of midnight, everyone released their balloons and, I assume, made a wish. (Not versed on that particular cultural norm and not really sure if the crowd was either… everyone had a balloon and somehow we all knew that 12 o’clock meant letting those suckers go.)



Although I’m sure the local birds and wildlife didn’t appreciate the million-balloon release, it was beautiful.



Is it sad that after all this excitement, we managed to fall asleep by 1 a.m.? Oh, well. Happy New Year, anyway!

One Comment on “Welcome, 2013! We are so glad to see you!”

  1. Here in Ukraine their custom is to stay up all night, at least until 5 or 6 am. I was going to try, but by 1:30am I was so tired my head was hurting, and I hadn’t even made it to the new years party at our church office yet. So I took what I thought would be a four hour nap, setting my alarm for 6:00am so I could head to breakfast at the office party, but when it went of I thought, “there’s no way–I’m too tired–and I slept til 10:00am”.

    At least my Ukrainian friends were understanding… perhaps it helped that I posted my apology in Russian on vkontakte.com (Russian/Ukrainian social network) for not showing up at their party.

    Looks like you guys had fun! с новым годом (happy new year)!

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