The rest of Thailand

We’ve been back at home for more than three weeks now but whaddyaknow, I still haven’t finished updating the rest of our time in Thailand. Here’s the thing: it was awesome.

That first week was–truthfully–exhausting but thankfully we stayed on for another week and had the chance to take a very helpful and interesting class. We also had more free time and were able to get in a bit of hang-out time with friends. This night, pictured below, was one  of my favorites. We sat at the tiny Thai restaurant on the beach and drank fruit shakes all evening.

Our week of class was refreshing intellectually and emotionally and Michael and I are still processing many of the things we learned. The best part, though, was getting to be around so many friends who we don’t normally get to see. Sometimes our world here can feel rather small (we have great community but there aren’t many people in it!) so having the opportunity to be around like-minded friends who live in other cities is truly a breath of fresh air.


After classes wrapped up, Michael and I took a few days vacation before heading back north and home. Planning was an adventure–come to find out, a large (and apparently very wealthy!) Indian family booked all the available rooms in our town, including an entire hotel, for a wedding at the same time as our vacation. Michael and I hadn’t made reservations yet but several of our friends were summarily kicked out of their hotels (did you know they could do that? because yes, it can happen!). Thankfully, we were able to find a spot about 30 minutes up the road, and had about two and a half days of glorious time to read and work out and, of course, eat.


We also got to hang out with these two fun families–Cat and her little ones, Noah and Adelaide, live in our apartment complex, while Shannon and her family live in a city several hours away. Michael and I lived just a few apartment buildings over from Shannon and Alan during our first two years in Asia and so enjoyed getting extended time with them during vacation!


After a few quick days of sun and relaxation we returned home, to Albus and to surprisingly non-frigid temperatures. We are so grateful for our break but also so glad to be home and in the swing of normal life… I still crave adventure, sure, but the older I get it seems the more grateful I am to come home.