Amidst life’s hectic whirl

Busy, busy, busy.

I hate it when people talk about how crazy their life is, but I’m not sure how to write about what has been happening with us lately without using the dreaded b-word. Most of that busyness has centered around a move (never a fun experience and just possibly even less fun than normal in Asia). We found out about a month ago that we would have to move apartments sometime this semester as our landlord wanted to move in to our place in July. Bleh: we loved our home and would have been happy to stay there. But, what are you gonna do? We talked with our landlord right before everything shut down for Lunar New Year so, as soon as office workers began returning to work in late February, we started looking.

The apartment hunt took about a week, and after several false starts on places, unfortunately ended with us moving out of our complex and into the complex across the street. Not far at all but it is a little sad as most of our friends live in our old complex and I’m a bit bummed that we will be the outliers. Thankfully, though, we love our new apartment and hope (fingers crossed) we won’t have to move again for a while.

The move itself, of course, was a trying experience. We had approximately two days to pack (and of course we still had full days with other life responsibilities happening during that time) so we did what might charitably be called a very shoddy packing job, and were still shoving our belongings into rice bags when the “movers” showed up. Since I wasn’t able to help at all and because none of our friends here have any sort of truck, we decided to just hire out the heavy lifting. After a very long and trying Saturday, which included our movers spilling a can of paint in the hall just outside the elevator (and then insisting that it was no big deal and trying to step over it and continue to move our belongings over the puddle until the paint got all over a chair and on part of our carpet), an argument over the price, and lots of rain and mud , we called it a day.

Since then, we’ve been trying to balance daily life, settling in, preparations for my return to the States, and putting together some sort of nursery for our little girl. I head back to the States at the beginning of April, as I start the third trimester, and will stay with my parents in Alabama until mid-May when Michael will join me. That means I’ve got just over two weeks now to make this new place a home, try to put together a girl’s nursery (!!), wrap up responsibilities here and end things well with my friends who will have moved on by the time we return. Whew–I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Thankfully, because of the move I hadn’t done anything to start a boy’s nursery so at least there is nothing to undo. Of course I know that the nursery is really not that important and many of our friends have not had the luxury of making these kind of preparations for their children’s arrival as they moved here after their baby’s birth (and in this part of the world children tend to sleep with their parents until the age of at least 3 or so! a tradition we do not plan on implementing into our lives)…. but I do love to make things beautiful and there is something stable, secure and loving about making a baby’s room. We’ll just see what gets done!

2 Comments on “Amidst life’s hectic whirl”

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    aw Beth, wish I could be there to help you unpack. Can’t wait to visit your home and sweet baby girl’s nursery next year and meet baby Greggory! Praying for y’all!

  2. […] or so months ago, we loaded up our lives into rice bags and hauled them 20 stories down, across the street, and 10 stories up into the apartment complex […]

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