A bird on the wing

I’ve never been one to plan ahead. I didn’t browse wedding magazines until it was time to plan the wedding, and when it comes to babies, I haven’t had a ton of preconceived ideas about the whole experience: pregnancy, planning the nursery, parenting styles, etc.


Just like with my wedding, when the only thing I knew well in advance was that I wanted a certain hymn (The Church’s One Foundation) to be sung during the ceremony, there is one thing I’ve wanted to put in my future baby’s room for years: a crane mobile. Yesterday, it finally came into being.


I used a couple of sticks, fishing wire, and this tutorial to show me how to actually make those little birds. I’ve been folding away for a week or two (I’m slow!) now while Skyping with friends or watching TV at night. Hanging the birds was quite a balancing act but I think I finally got things relatively even.

Michael’s building a crib now (isn’t he crafty?!) and soon–after I’m back in the States–he’ll hang this sweet little mobile above her baby bed. Hard to believe that by the time I see it above her crib, I’ll actually be holding our sweet girl in my arms.

So much for which to be thankful.


3 Comments on “A bird on the wing”

  1. twistnpout says:

    I love this, i’d hang this in my living room if I didn’t have cats. Lovely job.

  2. Holley says:

    I’m obsessed with those rocking chairs! The nursery looks so good!

  3. Anna Uzzell says:

    love it! so impressed

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