My baby sister is graduating from college today: what on earth happened to all the years?!?! It doesn’t seem possible that it has been eight years (!!!) since I graduated from Auburn, but there they are, the dates staring at me bold as brass from my calendar.

We’ll head down to Auburn for Helen’s celebration in just a few hours, but this actually won’t be my first trip this spring. Two weeks ago, I drove down to meet some friends and see Helen for the A-Day game and the last rolling of the Toomer’s Oaks before they had to cut them down (thanks a lot, Harvey).


It was so fun to reunite with a few friends from college–to catch up on their lives, to meet my friend’s precious son, and just to be back in the loveliest village on the Plains. Here are a few photos from my day.

The football game: 83,000-strong! The crowd atmosphere was much more like attending a fall football game than a spring training scrimmage, and the day was perfect with blue skies and cool breezes.


My friend Michelle and I at the game. Our friend Aimee, who lives in Auburn, had to go home to put her little one down for a nap but her husband came to the game and (incidentally) acted as our photographer.


Post-game, we and the other 80,000 fans slowly, slowly, slowly crawled our way to Toomer’s Corner for the after party.


I didn’t bring any toilet paper, but I did run into another friend’s grandparents, who gave me a roll. At least our little girl got to roll Toomer’s once, right?



It was complete madness at Toomer’s, y’all. So crowded that you could hardly take a step once you got closer to the trees… we just shuffled along as the crowd pushed. Aimee and Wyatt tried to come with us, but they were loaded down with a stroller and decided to turn around… it was not exactly conducive to maneuvering around with a little one.



After we left the chaos at Toomer’s, Michelle and I met back up with Helen and we all headed over to Aimee’s house for an awesome dinner.


(Isn’t Aims the cutest? Although you can hardly tell, she’s also expecting a little girl, due at the tail end of the summer. And their two-year-old little boy is just the sweetest thing.)


I’m thankful for old friends and so glad I was able to head back to Auburn for fun hangout time and–of course–to get in one more roll. Rest in peace, Toomer’s.


One Comment on “A-Day”

  1. John Gunter says:

    Glad you got to participate in that! I saw an aerial pic of Toomer’s corner and it was crazy.

    We miss you a ton and can’t wait to get you and Baby Stella back over here!

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