A rose by any other name

Stella Blythe Gregory: she’s not here quite yet, but we can’t wait to see who she grows into.

Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I come down with L.M. Montgomery, who opined the Bard had it wrong: a rose called cabbage wouldn’t, couldn’t, be as sweet.

To me, words matter. The sound, the shape, the emotions evoked by a string of them put together just exactly so. And names? It’s the ultimate in finding the perfect word for the occasion: a baby’s name has to fit them their whole life, wear well, ought to have some meaning or reason behind it. Michael and I are not exactly simpatico when it comes to naming tastes, but the process of settling on what this little person will be called for the rest of their days was one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy for us. Perhaps also a little stressful…but mostly fun.

Some history on the name game for our Stella: she gets her first name from Michael’s paternal grandmother, the original Stella. We think the name is beautiful (it comes from a Latin word meaning “star”), and are thrilled to honor Michael’s MawMaw, who is more fun than anyone in their upper-80s has a right to be. If little Stella gets one-quarter of her great-grandmother’s spirit and joy of life, she will be one happy little girl.


This picture was taken this summer when we were in Alabama visiting MawMaw. In Michael’s case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Stella’s middle name, Blythe, has been one of my very favorite name for years. The dictionary defines blithe as “joyous, merry, or gay in disposition; glad; cheerful.” We wish all those things for our little girl, and it’s certain she has already brought joy and gladness into our lives by her existence.

My sister, Mary Emily, has already dubbed little Stella “Stella B” and Michael has taken to it–we’re not planning on the double name thing but I think Baby Stella will hear Stella B maybe half the time.

I can’t wait to see who this little bit grows into!


3 Comments on “A rose by any other name”

  1. mbgregory says:

    Stellas are the best!

  2. Great post. . . we all can’t wait to meet Baby Stella (whom will later be Stella B)!

  3. ally says:

    What an awesome namesake! Looking forward to meeting Stella B soon!

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