We are just days away from the due date on baby watch, and sadly (for me) there is nada to report. Soooo since my main occupation this week is staring at my tummy and waiting for something to happen, and that has led to exactly nothing, I thought I would post some pictures of the various celebrations we’ve had for little Stella since getting back to the States.

First was the Sylacauga shower. It was such a fun time to gather and give thanks for this little girl. One of my mom’s friends pointed out how special the time of prayer was as many of the women in the room that day have walked with the Lord for decades and decades and I certainly agree.


With the hostesses–such a special group of ladies. Most of them have been in my life for 20+ years!

IMG_2599My mom, my great-aunt Emily, and my Aunt Donna. This side of the family has seen only girls for four generations now!

IMG_2595Mary Emily is in Ethiopia but she left behind a present before she went. Can you tell that at that time we were all expecting a little boy and not a girl!

IMG_2585My mom made a touch-and-feel book for Stella. I’ll have to post pictures later because this book is truly a work of art!

The next week I headed to Tuscaloosa for a gathering with my close group of high school friends (minus one who lives in Atlanta and couldn’t make it). It was definitely a celebration of little Stella, but also an amazing excuse to get together and catch up. Unfortunately I can’t get my pictures to go any bigger but we had SO much fun talking and laughing. I am truly thankful to have this group of friends in my life!


We think we’re still 16–but taking this picture is a lot harder at 30 (and pregnant!) than 16.


IMG_1603I thought this was the cutest thing! My friend Andi put together this  diaper holder (no idea what to actually call it) and clipped a verse to each diaper. She said that way I can have a mini-moment of meditation each time I have to change yet another dirty diaper. Then she also had all of my friends write notes of encouragement (or just random silliness) on the diapers to make me laugh or just remind me of them as I’m changing. So thoughtful!

Finally, here are pictures from the most recent shower in Chattanooga.

IMG_6715With (most of) the hostesses. Let me tell you, Pinterest has nothing on these women!





We were so amazed that Grandmommy, Michael’s maternal grandmother, made it up from Huntsville for the shower!

IMG_6714With my mother-in-law Beverly and sister-in-law Suzanne.

IMG_6718 Michael didn’t stay for all of the shower but he put in an appearance to nab some Auburn swag.

We have been truly grateful for and overwhelmed by the love and generosity we have received from so many in this special season of our life. Stella is a well-loved little girl and we are so incredibly grateful for the many who have helped us to prepare for her arrival!

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